Artists’ Survival Guide

artists survival guide

(En anglais seulement – désolée !)

I love books. I tend to believe that they are the best way to learn, even knowing very well that it’s completely wrong concerning artistic practices. Still, I can’t help it, and keep getting them (and reading them and writing about them instead of drawing, just like I’m doing right now). The last I got is a small book called Artists’ Survival Guide, written by a whole bunch of people. It’s full of tips and good thoughts, and it’s divided in three sections – making, showing, selling, plus a list of places by town that’s very useful.

Here are a few quotes from the inspirational intro by Fergal Stapleton – if you want to find out about all the technical aspects and check-lists, just have a look at the book for yourself!:

“There is nothing hidden in art, it’s all there, perfectly visible, including the precise level of any ‘hiddenness’.”

“The non-existent categories of ‘viewer’ and ‘audience’ will be bandied about. Avoid these falsehoods which are promoted to divert your art away from its path and toward some second-guessed vagueness about how it might be received by other people. What’s important is not a general idea of people, but those specific and complex mental mechanism that correspond to the actual workings of art.”

“Art is visible, not readable” – well, I guess I should remember this myself. Back to my sketchbook now!



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