Dale Grimshaw

(English only – Anglais seulement, désolée !)


Try new things. Switch your phone/computer off and sit quietly for an hour with a note pad – try thinking of amazing paintings/art, ideas & compositions in your head. Ask yourself – what would I really produce if I wasn’t trying to please other people, or to get their approval… or if money wasn’t an issue?
Don’t just bang out endless paintings of sexy, pouty girls (SPG) just because they are easy to do & people love them. It won’t make you a good artist. (Oh & don’t try and disguise your SPG with graffiti drips, tags, lettering or decorative elements or use words like “empowered” or “post feminist” to describe them. Because I’ll still have to kill you for being boring).
Dale Grimshaw

When I moved to London, it didn’t take much time for me to discover Dale Grimshaw. I even had the good luck to see him working on a piece in Signal Gallery – the picture above is old and blur and a bit drunk probably – and I am still feeling stupid for not talking to him later on. I spent hours chasing his pieces in London; his art and himself are amazingly inspiring. Read his full interview for Street Art United State here and follow his work here.



2 thoughts on “Dale Grimshaw

    • Welcome! I loved it. Without knowing it this guy helped and still helps me so much in my own work development – although our work are completely different in many aspect. So I’d rather thank you for interviewing him 🙂


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