Inspirational Danger Diary


(English only,sorry! – anglais seulement, désolée !)

I wanted to write this article for a looong time – but to tell the truth, I barely had time to write my own diary lately.
Being a super-shy and socially awkward introvert, a large part of my life happens in the Internet, which enables me to meet people who’ll never meet me in return. And without knowing, some of them became very important to me – like the wonderful Veronica Varlow.

Veronica is an artist, a fantastic showgirl living in New York. We share the same attraction for cabaret aesthetics, Pin-ups and 40’s fashion – the only difference being that I’m far from being able to impersonate that as I can’t really qualify myself as pretty (not that I care at all, mind). Although I discovered her thanks to these interests in common, I kept following her because of her blog, where she shares her adventures and beliefs but also gives generous and valuable motivational tips for people like me. Each time I opened to the world, I had her words in mind. Each time I felt down, worthless and sad, I found in her writing optimism and a support that helped me going through these dark periods. Veronica is sharing her kindness freely and it’s a shame people like her are becoming so rare.

Get inspired too and pay her a visit!

Thanks to be here for me and to push me to follow my dreams, even if you didn’t mean to 🙂

(picture copyrights: Veronica Varlow)



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