Ruca Zombie Asylum

Browsing for ideas on the aesthetics of a cabinets of curiosities, I found an amazing artist’s blog: Ruca Zombie Asylum. She describes herself as a “dead things hunter” and makes fantastic jewellery using bones, jars, medieval and gothic forms… She also creates wonderfully weird images and still life photographs where Death is omnipresent. Her work is beautiful, trully inspiring, and she has a massive corpus of work that I havn’t browsed entirely yet! (The slowliness of my laptop to blame…)

People using skulls and bones in their work are everywhere, but this is the first time in ages I fall for a morbid artist. You can give her some support on facebook, twitter, instagram, and a lot of other platforms listed there, and if you like unique jewellery, check out her Etsy Shop!

Keep up the freak show, and thanks for being amazingly inspiring.



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