Awkward and Bilingual – a bit like myself.
Updates from Alice von Gotha’s Underland.

Born in France – 1989
First exhibition in High School, France – 2005
“Along the Road D73” Collective exhibitions, Gillonnay, France – Expositions collectives “Au Long de la D73” 2008, 2009, 2011
Master’s Degree in History of Art – 2012
Moved to London – 2012
Trispace Gallery Exhibition, London – 2014
Publication in Bizarre Magazine – April 2014
Moved to Glasgow – 2014
Bridge of Allan contemporary art Festival, Scotland – November 2014
Publication in Bizarre Magazine – January 2015
Member of the Unexpected Artist and permanent exhibitor, Glasgow – 2015
Member of the Expressive Collective, London – 2015
Art Village Gallery, 28 drawings later exhibition, Glasgow – March 2015
“Dreamscapes” at Broadcast, Glasgow – July-September 2015
“Juxtapose” Exhibition with the Expressive Collective, London – August 2015
The Drury Street Gallery Opening Show – Glasgow – 2nd-31st October 2015
Naked Aye Art – Shapes that shift Desire, Edimburgh – 3rd-18th October 2015
Publication in HallozineOctober 2015
BofA contemporary art festival – Bridge of Allan, Scotland – 7th November 2015
“As the Crow Flies”, Broadcast, Glasgow, 29th April – 24th August 2016
Portraits of Literary Animals, Glasgow – 13th May 2016
“Persona”, The Makers Gallery&Bistro, Alloa, Scotland – 5th July – 1st October 2016
Publication of the illustrated version of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” by Erebus Society – August 2017
“Illustrations poétiques et sombres”, Vapeur d’Encres, Lyon, France – 26th August – 28th October 2017

alice von gotha exhibition

17th of April 2015, by Stuart Duffy, Unexpected Artist:

Alice von Gotha, Unexpected Artist

Alice is quite an amazing artist, she resists the call to be literal and seeks to change the view or perceptions of the viewer.
The pieces that are available in the gallery are exciting art works!
Normally if you are looking at an artist interpretation of a skull it can be quite dark, well it is a dark subject, but not Alice. Called ‘Vera‘, the cobwebs look like Victorian lace and the tones are warm and engaging, on closer inspection you have a delicate art work… you see, perception changed.
Her bird, ‘Nevermore‘ is startling and does have that shock factor, however, look at it for 10 minutes and you’ll find yourself lost in thought, its surreal aspect means everyone will have a different ‘take’ on its interpretation.
As for the two portraits of Maggie Smith and Ian McKellen, THESE ARE STUNNING! We were really tempted to present them as a set only and not see them parted, however, that is not our decision to make. In these Alice has redefined portrait and even I was tempted to let Alice loose on a portrait commission of me. To be immortalised that way would be an accolade and something very very different!
So I hear you ask, ‘what about the artistic personality of the artist?’ It wouldn’t take you long in a conversation to realise that she has not only hidden depths but secret areas of her psyche where her creativity is allowed to grow unabated, and that can only be a good things for us!
Alice is available for commissions and, in my opinion, a very collectable artist!

dreamscapes, alice von gotha

Dreamscapes exhibition at Broadcast, Glasgow

Exhibition with the Expressive Collective, Camden Image Gallery, London

Exhibition with the Expressive Collective, Camden Image Gallery, London


“Illustrations poétiques et sombres”, Vapeur d’Encres, Lyon, France

The modern world in rich nanny states is boring, terrible anywhere else in the world, and grey, so grey. It feels like there’s no escape, that everything, everywhere, is rotten to the core.

I want to express my own sense of total freedom, the feelings I can’t show to avoid hurting others, my craving for more enchantment, magic, strange stuff to believe in. I am not looking for understanding and wish people would stop pretending to find a false sense in my works on the name of support – support only is more than appreciated.

When I started painting portraits, I wanted them to be quiet and yet so loud. It was like depicting creatures straight away from my own emotion. My ever so long desperation, my lack of confidence, my anti-conformism, this kind of love that hurts so much, the addiction to fiction, this feeling of being lost, all the guilt, all the fights, this feeling of my chest being torn apart and these how so numerous death wishes. All these tempests I hide behind my silence and close lips and the massive mess that I am.

Even now that I am developing my work and exploring new technics and new depictions, the themes are always quite the same. Silence. Time. Fiction. Death. Omen and stories, bones and monsters, often in series and always so cold. I want to show off my gloomy dreams, my creepy beliefs and to finally feel alive in all this quietness.

I believe there is beauty to be found in the odd, in the broken, even in the silent screams that fill my head.



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